Call for Choral Scores

Chorosynthesis, is currently seeking new, forward-looking, and distinctive choral compositions to consider for future performances by our project-based choir, Chorosynthesis Singers, as soon as the beginning of 2016. We welcome submissions of high-quality pieces you would like us to consider. 

Chorosynthesis Singers is a project-based ensemble consisting of professional musicians and directed by one or more of Chorosynthesis’ directors (currently Drs. Wendy Moy and Jeremiah Selvey). For examples of the quality of singer performers, please visit our Brahms Requiem Project page. (Note: The Brahms Requiem performances were prepared with less than half the time we will be devoting to our upcoming 2016 project-based concert, and it is our intent to pay these performers in the upcoming performance.) The ensemble performs in various places throughout the United States and in conjunction and collaboration with various communities. The intentions of these performances is to create innnovative, but sustainable, collaborations that are focused on the art of choral performance. For more information and to submit a score please visit